Hininga ay Buhay Album

Hininga ay Buhay Album

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The songs in this album aim to foster well-being of the person and an affirmation of the whole of life, especially God's creation.


Just as breath is the bridge  of the spirit to our embodied self and the connection thread the links all beings (trees, animals, flowers, forest, human beings in the past, present and future), these songs our intrinsic inter-connection.


One can listen to most of the songs just for relaxation. Some of the songs can be use for activities (workshops, retreats, rituals) for healing of the self, community and creation.


A compilation of songs and meditation that invites us to breath in... Breath out...


To breath in is to ponder, to pause, to reach inward.

To breath out is to act, to manifest, to reach outward.


To breath in is to receive.

To breath out is to give.


To breath in, to breath out is to find balance in receptivity and generosity.


To breath in, breath out...

Is to find harmony in activity and passivity.


To breath in, breath out...

Is to relish and share the give of life.


Breath is life.


Ang Hininga ay Buhay.                            Leah Tolentino

PRODUCER:                 Yeyette San Luis

CO-PRODUCER:         Aireen Landicho and Leah Tolentino

CD CONCEPT:             Leah Tolentino

RECORDING AND MIXING:     y_RECORDmo studio by Yangy Zabala

MASTERING:             CB Room Audio Recording Studio By Robbie  Grande

COVER DESIGNAND LAYOUT:      Sarah Queblatin


Instrumentalists and Guitar performed:

GUITAR:                     Yangy Zabala (1,4,10,11)

                                       Aireen Landicho  (7,8,9)

GUITAR ADLIB:       Yangy Zabala   (7)

                                       Ian Baldong  (9)

BASS:                         Yangy Zabala    (12)

VIOLIN:                     Lowell Ian Balinas (1,11)

RECORDER:           Yeyette San Luis (4)z

CAJON:                    Joshua Raquel  (9)

TUNGATONG KUBING,          Yeyette San Luis