Free E-Book

Free E-Book


Let Your Stars Align

an easy guide to manifesting the life ‘YOU’ want


By: Sarah Jane Racal RN, MAN, PhD, CHT


Hi beautiful souls!


The contents of this booklet have come to me as a massive form of cosmic inspiration, and this inner voice tells me that I am to give this physical form through writing. 


This guide is already known to every being, including yourself. As part of the source (God/Divine/Life), the energy of creation and manifesting is already embedded in our being. 


As life opened up to us, we forgot and perhaps stopped believing that we actually can manifest our desires. It is not an accident that you are registering for this booklet. 


To some extent, you were guided to this writing to simply remind you of your very nature. May some, if not all, of the contents of this guide connect with your heart and touch your soul as you align your stars and take steps in the fulfillment of mankind’s collective mission and purpose.


Bless your path…


Bless your dreams…


Bless your aspirations…


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