Attend the Course

Attend the Course

₱5,000.00 Regular Price
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Do you know that you can design your own life? You can even make it into your own masterpiece.


This 4-hour LIVE workshop will help you:


  • Assess where you are right now
  • Examine why you’re not getting what you want
  • Identify and let go of limiting beliefs
  • Help you develop an abundance mindset
  • Learn exercises and self-empowerment tools
  • Experience transformation
  • Receive post-workshop support


Doc Sarah says, “Many of my clients have stopped believing in themselves but that’s not what I see in them. When I look at them, I recognize so much potential. In my sessions, courses and coachings, I guide them in acknowledging that they have the choice and the power to take responsibility for their own lives.”   


Enroll for the course this January 30, 2021, 1:00-5:00 pm GMT +8.


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