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"Don't be afraid. We can get through this."

image by Liane Metzler

I just received a call from Fr. Jerry Orbos yesterday and I would love to share his message with you.

He told me, "Don't be afraid ha. We can get through this."

If you heard his homily recently, Fr. Jerry said that COVID is a virus that feeds on fear.

And what we should do is take the polar opposite of that energy which is TRUST.

Trust that we will be safe. Trust that we can get through this. Trust that God has our back.

I also received a text from Nicanor Perlas of late. He is a scientist and an awardee of the Right Livelihood Award in 2003, which is often referred to as an alternative Nobel Prize.

He says there’s no need to panic. You can listen to his podcast to learn more:

Here at Online Healing Community, to help everyone stay calm and also boost their immunity, Ayyi Gardiola started a group healing session every Sunday at 9:45 pm. Ayyi's rate for a Pranic Healing session is P1,500 but at this time, you may simply give what you can to attend the healing session. You may join us here:

Don’t be afraid.

There’s no need to panic.

Know that you are safe.

Stay awake,


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