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Poetry is all around us. And there is a poet in all of us. In you, definitely!

Yet, we were led to believe otherwise. We've been told that poetry is only for those who are gifted or experts in words. 

But ever since, you know deep inside that you want to express yourself, your truth, through the beauty of words, through poetry. And still you feel awkward, hesitant, and shy about doing it.

  • Bring back your confidence and joy in writing poetry

  • Use the basic tools to write poetry more and more

  • Enjoy the practice of writing poetry everyday

  • Pen

  • Personal journal

  • Any personal object that represents your poetry journey

So let Rem help you in the process. He will teach you the following:

  • How to free your "poetential" in writing poetry

  • How to tap into all things as a source of inspiration for poetry

  • How to develop and sustain your poetry writing practice every day.

In this class, you will:

Pls bring the following:


What Rem's students & clients are saying

It's always a delight to learn from kuya Rem. His approach to teaching and writing is just out of this world, but in a good way! As a poet and teacher, his pedagogy is grounding and practical—very applicable to our daily life. After attending his classes, I always find myself unconsciously thinking and writing in poetry...


What I learned from him was how everyone can write poetry, and how it's not really about creating "more" output, but cultivating our inner child. And since I attended his classes, I have written more poems than in the last seven years. No kidding.


If I'll imagine him as one of the teachers in a conventional school setup, he'll be the one teaching his students outside the classroom, under the shade of a tree, encouraging them to go barefoot, to breathe, to look at the tree and beyond it.


To be honest, if I have all the time in the world, I would just sit in his class all day long.

- Persis Flores