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Do you know that you can design your own life?  You can even make it into your own masterpiece.

This 4-hour LIVE workshop will help you:

  • Assess where you are right now

  • Examine why you’re not getting what you want

  • Identify and let go of limiting beliefs

  • Help you develop an abundance mindset

  • Learn exercises and self-empowerment tools

  • Experience transformation

  • Receive post-workshop support

Doc Sarah says, Many of my clients have stopped believing in themselves but that’s not what I see in them. When I look at them, I recognize so much potential. In my sessions, courses, and coachings, I guide them in acknowledging that they have the choice and the power to take responsibility for their own lives.  

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What Doc Sarah's students & clients are saying

"Dr. Sarah is such a gift to this world. I am beyond amazed by her work. Her ways and approach to healing are different- more personal, deeper, and beyond my expectations.
She is a major catalyst of my transformation. This year has been a very transformative one for me. Everything that I am enjoying right now- the freedom, happiness, healing, and self-awareness is because Dr. Sarah brought me here.
She opened doors I never thought I’d experience. Thank you. I will remember you in my lifetime."


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Dr. Sarah

Sarah Jane Racal, Ph.D. is a nurse with a doctorate in mental health. She is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and practitioner of various healing modalities, including neuro-linguistic programming, coaching, reiki, emotional freedom technique, and intuitive counseling. 

Dr. Racal integrates both western and eastern approaches in addressing mental health issues.

Her private sessions are focused on reconnecting with one’s inner intelligence and resources that allow the individual to create the changes desired

for optimum health and well-being.

Based in Bangkok, Sarah is a sought-after speaker on mental wellness in Thailand. Her research has been presented in Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Hongkong.

She is also an author. Her book, Do it Yourself (DIY) PocketBook to a Better Mental Health: a health professional’s personal healing journey turned into a debut work

on mental health promotion.