BodyTalk System

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Communicate. Synchronize. Balance.

Each system, cell, and atom in the body are in constant communication with each other.

BodyTalk is based in the principle that the body is designed to heal itself. STRESS (physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, etc) causes the communication system to become compromised, leading us to experience a symptom.

BodyTalk utilizes the innate intelligence of the body to restore the connections by using simple tapping techniques. 

Experience the simplicity, ease, and effectiveness of the BodyTalk System.

Let your body talk and allow yourself to listen.

Benefits of BodyTalk

  • Improves clarity

  • Relieves stress 

  • Increases focus

  • Speeds-up recovery

  • Reduces pain

  • Stronger immune system

  • Improves sleep


What Luna's students & clients are saying

I felt lighter and more balanced after the Cortices Technique.

~ June Hebrew, psychotherapist