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What if there's a way to release everything that's limiting you?

What if you can easily let go of your limiting beliefs, patterns & blocks that have held you back in life?

What if you can have freedom of time, money, and choice?

This is an invitation for you to create more space in your life.

  • Shifts in your body

  • Shifts in your level of awareness

  • Shifts in your level of joy

Here's a short video on Access Bars®

Here's a neuroscientist's study of Access Bars®

This is a 2-part Access Bars® Practitioner Training Class: May 29-30, 2021.

Saturday: 8am to 12noon (lecture)

Sunday: 1pm to 5pm (video demo/ gifting and receiving)

Access Bars® is a light-touch system of 32 different bars on the head that when gently touched, releases lifetimes of thoughts, judgments & emotions from the body.

Access Bars® has the capacity to create:

Best of all it is easy to learn!

What if you give yourself this GIFT OF CHANGE for 2021?

Investment Php 11,000 for this fully certified course. 

You can use and practice this healing modality right after the course.

The usual rate for 1 Access Bars® session is P3,000-5,000 in Manila.

Php 5,500 if repeating the class.

Php 3,000 for 13 to 17 years old

FREE for kids Under 12 (Must be accompanied by a paying adult)

Become an Access Bars® Practitioner!

What else is possible?

What choice are you not making that can possibly change the world around you?


What Access Bars® Practitioners are saying

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“With my body continually receiving this gentle body process and using all its tools, Access Bars® have opened me to multiple doors of possibilities far greater than I could possibly imagine. 


Access Bars® have paved the way for something I knew all along but have consistently shunned- the knowing that I have the power to choose. 


And with my brand new way of choosing, I continually create my life to be the embodiment of ease, joy and glory.” 

~ Hannah Alnuaimi

Financial Consultant

Certified Investment Advisor